5 Protein-Packed Veggies

For decades, the iconic Popeye has been used by moms to encourage their children to eat spinach so they would grow up healthy and strong. Once again, nutritional science has proven that Mom was right. Roughly 51% of spinach calories are protein. However, spinach is not the only superhero of the plant world. Did you know every whole plant food contains protein? From your breakfast banana to your dinner potato, enjoying veggies packed with protein is easy to do and easy for your body to use.They’re alkalizing, high in fiber, and practically free from cholesterol compared to all animal products, which are devoid of fiber and acidifying to the body.

7 Tips for Eating Less Meat

We all know that the overconsumption of animal agricultural products is destroying the environment, causing poor treatment of animals, promoting major health risks, and contributing to global crises such as world hunger. And yet, our culture has been obsessed with consuming meat. The good news is that within the developed world this trend is slowing- more and more people are choosing plant-based diets for a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


Earth Day may be on Saturday, but the audience at NBC’s Harry, is celebrating early with $300,000 worth of eco-friendly swag, including our exclusive Earth Pack. On yesterday’s episode, lifestyle expert Danny Seo, shared his love for Veestro, along with his famous Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake (included in the Earth Pack!), which Harry remembers as being “good, good, very good!”

Plants for the People: Danny Seo

We’ve got news! This month, we’re introducing our first Recipe Collaboration Series, “Plants for the People.” We’re working with renowned chefs, health experts, and social influencers, to bring you limited-edition meals that are taking the plant-based world to new heights.

First up is Danny Seo, lifestyle expert and Editor-in-Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo. You may have read his magazine or seen him on TV, but we’re asking him more than which veggies he’s into right now. Read on to find out how he made history as a 12-year-old, who his spirit animal is, and how he thinks we can change the world without becoming philanthropists.

Fitness and Nutrition with @VeganFatKid

If veganism makes you think of salad and beet juice, take a scroll through the burrito-bulging IG page of Tim Moore (a.k.a. @VeganFatKid). Moore is changing the game with a heart of gold and a keen understanding of why plants are nature’s best workout supplement. Veestro’s Co-Founder Monica Klausner, sits down with the #VeggieReps king, to get his take on plant-based nutrition, and how he got those abs.

Vitamin D: Essential Like the Sun

Our glorious life-giving sun is the activator of vitamin D. But the days of carefree basking in the sun have been clouded by fears of skin cancer –from the same UV rays that activate the vitamin D, whichs cientists say actually functions to prevent cancer! We apply sunscreen or stay indoors, protecting our skin at the expense of the “sunshine vitamin” we need.