5 Best Summer Drinks

Bottoms up! Summertime tastes like grilled veggies and a frozen margarita. Expand the menu with these five summer drinks that are nothing but liquid love.


1. Homemade kombucha

If you haven’t tried kombucha yet, you’re missing out. This fizzy tea is your natural substitute to sugary sodas, and will give you the probiotic boost of a supplement. Most commercial kombuchas tend to have “health-conscious” flavors like ginger or berries, but you can customize your tea by making it at home yourself. Since you can control the added sugar content, the homemade version is even Whole30 approved. Check out this fun recipe along with a list of health benefits for this bubbly beverage.


2. Iced tea

If you’re not into fermented tea, how about a good ol’ iced tea? This recipe for Orange Mint Iced Tea is perfect for outdoor barbecues and lounging by the pool. The orange will give you a taste of the tropics, while the mint stands as the perfect refresher to a humid day.


3. Selzter water

You can never go wrong with H2O. Selzter water, aka sparkling water, is your party version of the kitchen tap. You can get it flavored in a can or a bottle, or you can mix things up by adding your favorite red wine to berry seltzer, and topping with frozen blueberries and raspberries. This recipe for a Red Wine Berry Spritzer is the low-cal option for an icy wine treat.


4. Juice smoothie

Somehow juice feels like the healthier version of a smoothie, since it’s usually fresh squeezed without added sugar. Try getting the best of both worlds, by blending Veestro’s fresh juice with frozen fruit and vegan yogurt, for a creamy concoction with a vitamin boost. We recommend our Immunity Kick for the sweetness of red apples, with the zing of cayenne pepper.


5. Daiquiri

Save the strawberry daiquiri for your next cruise vacation. If you really want to shock your taste buds with something unique and different, try a Coffee Infused Raspberry Daiquiri. Think spiced hot chocolate with rum and a dollop of whipped cream for extra decadence. For the true coffee lover, this drink is a must.

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