5 Ways to Care for the Planet

Regardless of age, location or religion, there’s a common thread that ties everyone around the world together: Mother Earth. What’s scary is that even with all the advancements in technology, there is still so much we don’t know about the impact that our lifestyles have on the environment, including steps to protect it. Our precious planet is fragile, and we’re all experiencing negative effects like climate change, droughts, unsustainable fishing/farming practices and deforestation.

If you didn’t know, April is Earth Month, and the 22nd is Earth Day (so mark your calendars if you haven’t already), which means there is still plenty of time to celebrate all month and add in a few eco-conscious changes to help do your part.

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Here’s a list of 5 ways you can show love to Mother Earth:

1. Reduce (or Ditch) the Meat

Research shows that going plant-based is better for the environment. Think—less meat means reducing your carbon footprint, decreasing water use and deforestation to start you off. Shall we keep going? For more information, check out our article on Why Eating Less Meat is Better for the Environment and start ordering Veestro meal delivery service to cut down on food waste and make plant-based eating even easier.

2. Detox Your Products

Look for eco-friendlier personal care and household products, many of which are plant-based. Everything from shampoo to makeup to cleaning supplies are made with safer ingredients and are so many options on the shelves now. For a DIY approach, try incorporating essential oils and vinegar to clean with.

3. Save Energy

Think about all the energy that is wasted when we leave lights on for hours. Switch to florescent lightbulbs because they’re more energy efficient. At night, shut down your computer and turn off the lights—your electricity bill will also go down. Another tip is to use your thermostat less, both air-conditioning and heat. Open windows for more circulation. If it’s cold, throw on another layer or snuggle up with a pet to warm you up quickly.

4. Recycle and Reuse

Be sure to recycle your waste (that means Veestro boxes too!). Paper, plastic, cans and even compostable food and products will help reduce the pollution caused by waste, ultimately impacting global warming. Don’t forget about reusing bags at the grocery store, non-disposable water bottles, glass Tupperware and cloth towels instead of paper towels. Get creative!

5. Drive Less

Whenever you can (we know every city has a different infrastructure) try taking public transportation, carpooling, riding your bike or even walking instead of driving solo. Burning gas and fuel affects our health and nature by causing smog, global warming and water pollution.

Those are just a few options to get you going. Earth Month is about spreading awareness so we can create change and a sustainable future to make Earth a better place to live. Check out Veestro’s Earth Day Pack to honor the planet by choosing plants. If we do all do our part, together we can make a difference.