Plant-Based Aphrodisiacs That Work

There are a lot of reasons a plant-based diet is good for your health. Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increased weight loss and better blood sugar levels are all commonly discussed benefits of switching to a whole foods plant-based diet. But there’s one benefit we don’t talk about enough—the boost these nutritious and healthy plant-based foods can give your sex life.


While the mention of natural aphrodisiacs usually conjures a plate full of oysters, scientists believe that eating oysters doesn’t effect libidos at all. A 2015 study found that no scientific studies have been conducted to show that oysters can stimulate desire.  


A plant-based diet can help eliminate major barriers to a happy sex life, primarily sexual dysfunction in men. Erectile Dysfunction is a symptom of heart disease. When it comes to natural aphrodisiacs, it’s not the specific food that is important but the nutrients they hold. Look for nutrient dense plant-based foods that naturally raise testosterone levels, increase energy, reduce anxiety or increase blood circulation.


Here are the three nutrients you should be eating more of if you want to increase the romance in your life.   


A diet rich in zinc is key to raising testosterone levels in men. It turns out nuts contain plenty of zinc. Cashews and almonds top the list, followed by pine nuts and pecans. Need some more zinc? Seeds—particularly pumpkin and squash—have even more zinc than nuts. It couldn’t be easier to mix up an aphrodisiac packed trail mix.


Vitamin C

Are you ready to heat things up? Chili peppers are rich in vitamin C, which assists circulation, helping blood reach all of your organs. You should be making more trips to the farmers market instead of the pharmacy. Strawberries, pineapple, mangoes, brussel sprouts, kiwi, bell peppers and broccoli have more vitamin C than oranges, so most smoothies or veggie side dishes should do the trick. Load up on our juices for a boost you can store in the freezer.



The fastest way to kill the mood? Stress and anxiety. The barriers to a healthy sex life can be mental as well as physical. Luckily, a plant-based diet can improve your mental health as well. Diets low in magnesium were found to increase anxiety-related behaviors. That means that foods that are naturally rich in magnesium can make you feel calmer. Aim to fill up on a magnesium-packed salads that have leafy greens, like spinach and swiss chard. Try our Spinach Pie for a decadent alternative.




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