As Seen In: Tech.Co

As we celebrate International's Women's Day, we join Tech.Co in honoring our Co-Founder Monica Klausner, whose can-do attitude and genius ideas remind us that you can do anything you set your mind to, and do it with a smile! 

In “16 Ways Leading Entrepreneurial Women Balance Work and Life” Klausner says, “Finding a work-life balance is not always an easy task. I love my family, but I also love what I do, so that balance is like a tightrope. I’ve made it a priority to focus on the quality of my time versus the quantity, so during the week I make it a point to be home for dinner and homework time, and as soon as I get home, I leave my cell phone charging in the bedroom so that I’m fully present and in the moment. My husband and I also make it a point to have date-night once per week so we can catch up and just spend time together. This small change has allowed me to let go of the guilt that I’m sure many working moms have and helps me completely focus on work when I’m in the office.”