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Plants for the People: Danny Seo

We’ve got news! This month, we’re introducing our first Recipe Collaboration Series, “Plants for the People.” We’re working with renowned chefs, health experts, and social influencers, to bring you limited-edition meals that are taking the plant-based world to new heights.

First up is Danny Seo, lifestyle expert and Editor-in-Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo. You may have read his magazine or seen him on TV, but we’re asking him more than which veggies he’s into right now. Read on to find out how he made history as a 12-year-old, who his spirit animal is, and how he thinks we can change the world without becoming philanthropists.

5 Ways to Care for the Planet

Regardless of age, location or religion, there’s a common thread that ties everyone around the world together: Mother Earth. What’s scary is that even with all the advancements in technology, there is still so much we don’t know about the impact that our lifestyles have on the environment, including steps to protect it. Our precious […]

5 Things to Eat for a Strong Immune System

How many people do you come into contact with that have a cold during the course of one day? Kids, co-workers, and family-it’s just that time of year. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of staying healthy; wash your hands constantly, take immune boosting supplements/vitamins like Emergen-C, Echinacea drops, and wellness formulas, stay away from friends or family that are sick, manage stress and get plenty of sleep.

How To: Make Winter Eating Your Healthiest

It’s cold, grey, wet, and maybe even snowing. But hey, winter isn’t always bad! Who doesn’t like more time for Netflix, snuggling, reading books, sipping on hot drinks and sitting by the fire? It’s nature’s way of reminding us we’re transitioning to “hibernation mode.” Time to slow down, keep our immune systems strong, and rest up so that we are recharged for the sunny seasons ahead.