Be Inspired

The Olympics have marveled and applauded the abilities of the human body for over 3,000 years, encouraging us to be at our highest physical form and challenging us to compete with one another for the honor of our country and personal esteem. Every four years, people travel from around the globe to bear witness to what we can achieve when we put our minds to it.

We watch from our seats as Wayde van Niekerk sets the new world record running 400 meters in 43.03 seconds, and Almaz Ayana breaks the record for 10,000 meters in 29 minutes and 17.45 seconds. They have achieved something incredible, and we reward them with our awe and a gold medal. What if we were to reward them with inspiration? What if we recognize that each of us has the potential for athletic greatness? What if we were to understand that what sets them apart is a matter of diet, exercise and a whole lot of discipline?

You may think you’re too old to be inspired, but Anthony Ervin just won the gold medal for Team USA in the 50-meter freestyle swimming competition at 35 years old! Meb Keflezighi is 41 and Jo Pavey is 42, and they are both competing in the Olympics track and field events. You’re never too old to be an athlete, and this is how it works: first you select whole foods that nourish your body, next you make sure they are delicious so you stick with them, finally you call Veestro to feed your inspiration and help you stay on target. On to exercise.

Celebrating Olympians through personal motivation doesn’t mean you strive to break the next world record, although we believe you could. It does mean you strive to be your best physical self, and this means dropping that extra weight. If you believe your size hinders you, then be driven by Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno, who weighs only 99 pounds! She was criticized for her body type and yet rocked the women’s vault and floor exercise while also competing in the uneven bars, balance beam and individual all-around. Don’t ever let your physical frame stop you! No matter your size, you can train your body to be great.

To get serious about your physical abilities and to show all the Olympic athletes that they inspire you to be your best, you also need discipline. This is often the hardest part. That’s why we want to help you out with one of our weight loss meal plans. Whether you want to begin with one meal a day or jump right to three, we can give you the right balance of nutrients and mouthwatering flavor to keep you dedicated. If you’re thinking an animal free diet is great for weight loss but not for training, then you’ve been misinformed.


Take a look at Carl Lewis who earned 9 gold medals in track and field and said his best athletic year ever was when he chose a meat free diet. Another myth buster is Kendrick Farris, a male weightlifter who set the American weightlifting record in the Olympic Trials when he lifted 800 pounds! In fact, out of the 555 athletes on Team USA, three have announced their vegan diets to be part of their success. There have been hundreds of meat free competitors over the years and some of them have walked away with the gold!

So as you watch the Olympics from the comfort of your chair, let them fill you with desire to test yourself and strive to be a physical masterpiece!