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Protect Our Planet: Plant-Based Goes Mainstream

Satellite imagery of Earth reveals a living planet hued in brilliant blues and greens. Zoom in and you see a lush garden with enough natural resources to support all the inhabitants. But human activity has created climate change and pollution of the oceans, land, air, and food—through industrialization, habitat destruction, farming practices, and even eating habits—rendering this a far-from-perfect world. What footprint are we leaving for future generations? How can we save the planet? 

Veestro’s mantra that plant-based is pleasing for people and the planet is one that’s getting more mainstream exposure and scientific support lately. In a recent editorial at CNN, George C. Wang, M.D., Ph.D,* calls upon global citizens to “go vegan” in order to mitigate environmental impacts harmful to health.

Best of 2016: Blog Posts

In case you haven’t looked at a calendar lately, there are 25 days left in 2016. You probably won’t start reminiscing over the past year until New Year’s Eve, but we’re already a step ahead of you with a look back at some important lessons learned…in plant-based eating. Here are our top 5 blog posts of the year. 

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