High Fiber Foods You Can Snack On

Fiber, we need it. A diet that includes foods that are rich in fiber can help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease and diabetes. When carbohydrates are combined with fiber, it slows the absorption of sugar and regulates insulin response. We picked a few of our favorite high-fiber foods to help you snack smart and feel fuller, longer!


Apples have about 4.4 grams of fiber.  Add a tbsp of peanut butter or almond butter for the perfect healthy snack (and extra fiber!).



These nuts have the most fiber and protein (but lowest fat) of all nuts. 2.8 g of fiber per 1 oz. serving.



Nature’s candy, raspberries offer 8 g of fiber per cup!



Movie lovers rejoice! Air popped popcorn has 3.5 g of fiber per 3 cup serving.



Shelled edamame has a whopping 9 g of fiber per ½ cup. If you prefer your edamame in pods, 1 ⅛ cup will offer the same filling fiber.



Almonds have 4.5 g fiber per ¼ cup serving. We recommend portioning out almonds instead of eating from the bag. While almonds are a great snack, they have a high fat content and should be eaten in smaller quantities.

Steel cut oats

¼ cup of dry steel cut oats contains 5 g of fiber. Add in a sliced banana and nut butter for a delicious breakfast!


One of the top veggies for fiber, broccoli serves 2.4 g per cup (chopped).


Butternut squash

Besides offering more potassium than a banana, butternut squash contains 2.8 g of fiber per cup (cubed).



Just ½ cup of lentils will get you 7.8 g of fiber AND 9 g of protein!



Add ¼ cup of dried chickpeas to your salad for 9 grams of fiber.


Chia seeds

For a filling smoothie, add 2 tbsp of chia seeds to your morning mix and get 10 g of fiber!


Try these Veestro meals for high fiber deliciousness!






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