Five Hacks for Summer

Cheery kids playing on the block, barbeques kindling in the yard—summer is here and we're putting on our shades and kicking back. But the world doesn't stop when we're in vacation mode. Here are five hacks to help you not just survive the summer, but make it one for the books.

1. Fill your ice trays 

The heat is out to get you and your weapon of choice is likely resting in your freezer. Experiment by freezing different beverages like coffee, milk, juice and even booze! Frozen wine is a great base to a killer sangria!

Other tray ideas include sprouting seeds on your window sill, or freezing various sauces and herb and oil mixes, for quick and easy cooking. For treating a wretched sunburn, freeze cubes of aloe vera with a little water to cool and soothe your skin.

veestro lettuce hack.jpg

2. Blow on your lettuce

Produce left to itself in the fridge will eventually ripen and rot, but blowing a few breaths into a sealed bag before storing will help it to stay fresh longer. The process of respiration breaks down natural produce when glucose converts into carbon dioxide and water. When you exhale, your breath contains anywhere from 4-5% of carbon dioxide, compared to air at a mere 0.03%. The increase in carbon dioxide will slow the respiration process and keep fruit, veggies or salad fresh and crisp.

3. Bathe in baby powder

Beach days are the best days, but the excess sand covering the car mats is a seemingly unavoidable repercussion. Try dusting your feet and legs with baby powder to get those stubborn grains of sand off. This works by absorbing the moisture in your skin and freeing those clingy grains. Cornstarch is another natural alternative.

4. Make natural bug repellant

At Veestro, we’re all about eating more greens, but did you know they also repel pesky mosquitos? A blend of basil, hot water and alcohol, will naturally keep the bugs away.

To prepare this concoction, steep a handful of basil in 4-6 ounces of hot water for several hours. When thoroughly steeped, strain the basil out and transfer the infused water into a spray bottle. Be sure to squeeze every last drop of water in the leaves as well! Add 4 ounces of Vodka to better carry and dilute the spray. Shake to mix and apply the spray to your body when needed, but be careful not to get it in your eyes!

5. Download the Veestro app

Amidst all the sunshine and fun, don’t forget the most important thing of all, quality nutrition through all natural foods. Veestro has a variety of packs and a la carte meals you can easily view and order from our very own app. Plants please!