In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everything we do is centered around convenience and ease.  Finances and payments are arranged in seconds with smart phones and online accounts.  Politics and social information is delivered succinctly via social media and podcasts. Contact with friends and family is done in minutes with a quick photo upload.  Why should our food be any different?  Unless it affects our health.

Ordering from the drive-thru is most definitely affecting your health!  Pizza delivery, also not a wise choice.  So how about organic, non-GMO, meat-free meals delivered to your door?  Now, that’s convenient health, and Veestro is making sure your body is getting the very best in nutrition and flavor.  Our meals are delivered frozen which brings up the question of whether frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh ones?

No one can argue the very best is walking up to the tree or vine and picking it yourself, but most of us simply don’t have that luxury.  So the grocery store it is.  Unfortunately, most of the produce we buy at our local supermarkets is not native to the neighborhood.  This means it was picked prematurely, not allowing it to reach its full nutrient potential.  Then it must travel, and the farther it travels, the more vitamins are lost along the way.  Fruits and vegetables continue to live, ripen and decay once picked.  From the moment it is removed from the plant, enzymes begin to break it down and eventually it loses most of its healthy perks.


The only thing that stops the enzymes from destroying the vegetable or fruit is to blanch it.  Meaning it is picked, directly boiled for a moment and then plunged into ice water. This deactivates the living enzymes and essentially places the produce in stasis.  It is then frozen and shipped maintaining a higher nutrient value than most fresh produce.  Studies have shown that Vitamin C and a few of the B vitamins are leached during the short boiling process, but all others maintain their original quantities. However, this does not mean they last forever in your freezer.  Over a few months, vitamins and minerals will begin to die off.

So the verdict on fresh versus frozen fruits and vegetables is frozen can actually be a healthier choice.  If your produce isn’t locally grown and preferably hand-picked, it is losing a lot of its natural goodness along the way.  As for the convenience factor, well there is no competition; frozen wins.  For a fresh salad, try to buy your vegetables the day you eat them.  This will give you the highest nutrient benefits from your produce. For that mid-week dinner that you simply don’t have time to prepare, open your freezer and grab one of Veestro’s sumptuous options. It is certainly better for your health and your waistline than grabbing take-out on the go!


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