The Year of “Yes I Can”

Happy New Year! The first week of January is supposed to feel shiny and new, with even more inner fireworks than New Year's Eve! Well, that's the idea. But if you've got 100 resolutions and zero plans, then the first week can be a pretty stressful time. If this hits home, we did the groundwork for a 21-day plan that will catapult you into the best you yet - a you that's focused on mind, body, and soul wholeness.


Veestro’s “Yes I Can” Challenge consists of three weeks of chef-prepared Veestro meals, delivered to your door, and weekly workouts and lifestyle motivation delivered to your inbox. Our friend and Holistic Nutrition Coach, Kristin Wuhrman, put together her most effective fitness moves to help whip you into shape, no equipment required. Her wellness guides and checklists offer simple solutions to small things that become big setbacks, like lack of sleep, anxiety, and stretching ourselves too thin.

Veestro Yes I Can.png

When we eat good, we feel good. There are endless benefits to including more plants into your diet, so the goal this year is upping the veggies. Veestro meals make it easy to heat and eat, no prep required. During the challenge, you can choose to eat between one and three Veestro meals a day. If you choose to eat just one Veestro meal a day, we’ve got backup for the other meals. The gals at Buddhalicious crafted custom recipes and shopping lists to make clean eating easy. We’ll also be sharing tips and insights on our Instagram page – follow along and share yours using the hashtag #YesICanVeestro.

If you’re looking for change, and you want to start NOW, then make this challenge your focus. There’s even a private Facebook group to ask questions and connect with others who are determined to make 2017 a year of serious progress.

Anyone who buys a 21-day Kickstart Meal Pack is automatically invited to participate in the program and share their progress with the Facebook group. Think, YES I CAN live a healther life! YES I CAN reach my goals! YES I CAN start today!

Change starts now.¬†Join us!¬†Order today through January 8, 2017 and you’ll receive 20% off any 21 Day Kickstart plan. *Use code “YESICAN20”