Why Detox?

When you hear the word “detox” or “cleanse” you may tense up at the thought of drinking cayenne water and resisting food for days on end. When done in a healthy and safe environment, a detox can be a great way to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and jumpstart your metabolism. A Spring Reset may be all you need to increase your energy and feel healthier and lighter!


Reasons to reset:


Clear Skin

Studies show that an unhealthy diet, high in sugar and processed foods, may worsen acne. A nutrition reset will help clear up the skin, and leave you with a healthy glow.


Energy boost

Detoxing cuts your dependence on coffee and sweets for that mid-day energy surge (and crash), and allows your body to stabilize your energy levels throughout the day.


Weight loss

If your body is full of toxins, it makes it more difficult to burn fat, which can lead to weight gain. Ridding your body of toxins will help rev your metabolism and shed a few pounds.


Healthy heart

A detox, specifically a plant-based detox, can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illness. Resetting your eating will flush out toxins, and help your internal organs function more efficiently.


Clean immune system

Detoxing can help strengthen the immune system, and prevent you from coming down with a cold or the flu. Detoxing will help your system absorb nutrients like Vitamin C better, so your immunity is stronger than ever.



Taking a week to focus on eating clean is a great thing to do for your body and mind! We created a plant-based 7-Day Spring Reset Challenge to help you get back on track with your eating, so you can feel and look your best. Learn more about our reset here.




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